Competent Partner in SMATV & Security Solution
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About Panca Kumala

Competent Partner in SMATV & Security Solution

PT. Panca Kumala Jaya, was establish in 2004, as dedicated to company to design, supply, installation, service & maintenance quality of SMATV & electronic system like: CCTV System, Security System, Fire Alarm System & Cable Solution.

Our target market is sell the product to project like: Hotel, Apartment, Hospital, Office Tower, Trademall, School, Residental, Church, Bank, Real Estate, etc.

  • Quality Service & Customer Focus
  • Our company has a comprehensive program to support customer start it from consultantcy service, design, preparing specification, installation until testing commisioning.

  • Professionally and dedicated engineer & technical support
  • All of our engineers & technicians are fully trained professionals. Our service team provide the best technical support their combined experience engineer & knowledge of product cover an extensive range of equipment.

  • Competitive Package & Price
  • Our value added expertise on technical support & system design, we are able to provide comprehensive service at competitive price for our equipment supply & system package to meet customer requirement.

At Panca Kumala Jaya we never stop our effort to be recognized by our customer as a reliable partners able to offer best products, quality of system at competitive price.

Our Products
SMATV System
  • SMATV/CATV equipment (Analogue & Digital)
  • IPTV & Hybrid fiber coaxial system
  • CATV accessories & measurement products
  • Pay-TV operator & investment
CCTV System
  • Analogue & IP Camera equipment
  • Tool & CCTV multitester
  • Central monitoring system
  • Walkthrough & Metal Detector
Coaxial Cable
Available full range of CATV & CCTV coaxial cable such as:
  • Coaxial cable RG-59, RG-6 & RG-11
  • Coaxial cable RG-500 (Messenger & underground cable)
Fire Alarm System
  • Conventional & addresable fire alarm system
  • Sprinkler, hosereel & hydrant
Sound System
  • Conventional & addresable fire alarm system
  • Sprinkler, hosereel & hydrant

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Panca Kumala Jaya, PT

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Jl. Panjang (Arteri Kedoya)
Jakarta Barat 11470, Indonesia
Ph. +62(21) 564 3366

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